UCOPIA Wi-Fi Marketing is automatically available to all UCOPIA users that are using the version 5.0.7 or higher, with no additional upgrades. All campaigns are managed directly from the UWS Platform from which images can be uploaded for campaign creation. A variety of menus are available ranging from simple banners with external links to pictures or videos that are displayed and closed automatically. Linking the different displays with to your website, social media outlets, coupon or promotion page or to a campaign landing page are all possible through the dynamic menu.

  • Make the most of your Wi-Fi Analytics
  • Use your customers’ connection and browser as a base (insert customizable banners into your users’ screen during navigation)
  • Provide users with offers relevant to their needs
  •  Non-intrusive actions
  •  Advertising ability


The new UCOPIA Wi-Fi Analytics platform offers the opportunity to utilise user data and monetise services

All UCOPIA customers using version 4.4 or higher automatically get to take advantage of the basic Wi-Fi Analytics dashboard that is made available as a web service through the secure UCOPIA Web Services platform. An enhanced analytics offer is available as well for companies that want to take full advantage of the tool.

  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Automatic user statistics
  • Personal reports
  • Total customer insight
  • Monetization tool
  • Data mining


UCOPIA Advance is designed for complex network environments with high-availability, clustering and load balancing options. It provides consistent performance for the most challenging of network installations.

The UCOPIA Advance platform supports all aspects of the UCOPIA solution and is intended for medium to large organisations and Service Providers. It’s ideal for campus deployments, multi-site and large retailers, large public venue, conference centers and airports etc.

  • Up to 100 000 simultaneous users
  • Clustering, redundancy and load balancing options
  • Multi database/directory
  • AAA Server Integration
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Global licensing
  • Cloud architecture
  • On premise Wi-Fi analytics & marketing
  • Access the complete set of Ucopia’s 6 core functions

UCOPIA’s advanced deployment features means it can be installed on site or through a cloud deployment.

All data streams from or to the user pass through the UCOPIA Advance controller to guarantee security, simplifying integration with the LAN, easing administration, and enhancing user-friendliness. Setting up UCOPIA Advance is very quick thanks to its simple and user-friendly administration graphical interfaces.

UCOPIA Advance provides a redundancy and load distribution mechanism, allowing several thousand concurrent connections in large and critical projects

UCOPIA Web Services makes it easy to obtain the analytics of Wi-Fi use. It’s easy to understand the user base and create targeted marketing campaigns from the downloadable user lists.


The UCOPIA Express solution offers a comprehensive yet simple-to-manage solution that is well suited for small or medium sized companies.

  • Up to 2000 simultaneous users
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • All in one, comprehensive appliance
  • Access the 6 core functions of Ucopia

Sitting inline between a Wi-Fi access network and the organization’s core LAN, all data streams through the UCOPIA controller to guarantee security and improve end user experience. User-friendly installation wizards make it simple to install and administer. From the UCOPIA Web Service platform, easy to read analytics of Wi-Fi users make it simple to understand the user base as well as create targeted marketing campaigns from the downloadable user lists.